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Recipe of the Week: Best Way to Cook Corn on the Cob

Here is an alternative but delicious way to cook Corn on the Cob besides roasting. Try boiling with a cup of milk and a stick of butter, the most delicious way to cook corn. Desert Farms2Table was able to rescue and distribute corn on the cob at Farms2Table farmers markets-Living Word Bible Church, Magma Ranch and San Tan Valley Farmers Market.

Corn Is a staple food and one of the most commonly eaten and grown in the world. Corn is naturally gluten-free, it's a good choice to use in place of wheat. It is a great source of potassium, an essential nutrient that helps regulate the circulatory system. Corn also contain Lutein, a carotenoid similar to vitamin A that's more commonly found in fruits and vegetables.

Best Way to Cook Corn on the Cob from Spicy Southern Kitchen by Christin Mahrlig.

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